Dudley Nash officiating

Dudley Nash officiating. Private burial will be in Tupelo Memorial Park. Service time on Sunday.. Introductions Are In Order.(aka the Finding’s of a Dude with a Big Head)Do you struggle to find comfortable shades? Something that doesn’t make you look like you should be in a bad 80’s movie or a rap music video? Yeah, I thought so. Well the truth is we all go through that at some point (at least anyone who gives a damn about their sunglasses’ does). What really makes it tough is when you have a BIG HEAD.

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For example, his cellphone was unusually active right after Baker and Lollar were killed. Several eyewitnesses saw people exiting that limo with a laundry bag, which they threw in a Dumpster. Cops would never find the clothes Lewis wore that night, not even the mink.

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