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It’s been a busy few weeks in the office talking to lots of fab venues and attractions about access videos. We’ve also been working on our partnerships with like-minded people, and have some news, hot off the press…

We’re delighted to announce that we are joining forces with WDAD Communications (, one of the UK’s leading recruitment advertising and employer branding agencies. Their award-winning creative services, website design capabilities and media planning expertise can now be harnessed by organisations to attract disabled people looking for employment. At the heart of any campaign initiative will be a beautifully crafted, compelling access film produced by us which will speak directly to disabled people by giving an honest insight into the working environment – the building, the facilities, the support and the company’s values.

Aimed at progressive, inclusive, organisations truly committed to diversity, it will allow recruiters to reach out to disabled people by demonstrating how accessible and welcoming their workplace is. WDAD is an agency with real integrity and they felt that Gilbey Films – run by disabled people – was their ideal partner for this venture. With our own values of integrity, credibility and quality, WDAD know that we will create great films that give a truthful and accurate account of the access facilities for disabled employees.

WDAD works with commercial, public and not-for-profit organisations and can provide us with a range of added value and complementary services which perfectly matches our goal: to live in an environment where there is equal access to everything including the workplace, where barriers – physical and social – don’t exist.

In other news:

Samantha Renke
  • And, on the subject of bullying and disabled hate crime, we know how many people are shocked that a person who has openly mocked someone’s disability is now the President-elect of the US. He has sent out a signal that it’s OK to be racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic and disablist – and it is not OK.
  • ade
    Ade Adepitan in Vietnam for C4

    Did you catch Ade Adepitan’s thought-provoking Unreported World documentary, “Vietnam’s Toxic Legacy” ( It’s no wonder he keeps winning awards. We’re also nominating him as our role model in the BBC’s poll for Black British Heroes. If you want to suggest someone you can take part via Twitter #blackbritishheroes.

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