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Training Films

We will work with you to bring your disability training initiatives to life with carefully crafted, tailor-made videos. As media professionals with years of experience working for the BBC, we understand the power of well-constructed narrative. Personal stories and real-life scenarios are effective ways to deliver your message. All our films are professionally shot and edited to the highest quality. We have an experienced graphics team who will ensure your film is in keeping with your in-house branding where applicable. All films are subtitled and carefully scripted to work as audio description. We also offer BSL translation.

“All Aboard!”

Bus Driver training, Transport for London

This award-winning ‘game-changer’ dramatised real-life scenarios. Personal testimonies and creative graphics gave it additional impact. This is one of the scenarios – Hepsi’s story…

“Empowering You to Empower Others”

UK Parliamentary Outreach

This film – praised highly by Mr Speaker – promotes the Parliamentary training initiative for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

“I am a Football Fan”

Centre for Accessible Football in Europe

Using high-end graphics to give the voices of disabled fans across Europe impact. The fans’ material was self-shot on mobile phones.

“Disability: The Myths Unravelled”


A film to highlight why good access is so important to organisations and their potential disabled customers alike.